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«Ifestia 2015»: The events calendar
«Ifestia 2015»: The events calendar

A unique festival in the enchanting island of Santorini. A unique three-day musical journey with highly artistic events promise “Volcanoes 2015” a new festival hosted from 21 to 23 August in the magical island of Santorini.

The schedule of events:

Friday, August 21, 2015
Kamari: The “other” side, the foothills of the volcano, always give way, with different sounds and travel the seas of the world. Spyros Pan with a set of different organs Hang & Handpan, will make an international musical journey worth participating.
On 9.00m.m.ston promenade in front of the central public Car Park (next to the Prince).
Oia: The top side of the castle and the mansions of sunsets. Isolated on the north side of the island, always Akritas over the years, the island and its tradition. The Vassalos and children as a living example of conveying the musical tradition of our land from generation to generation, will introduce visitors of Oia in our musical sounds.
At 8.30pm in the square in front of the church “Panagia Platsani”.

Saturday, August 22, 2015
The hinterland, the “den” of the volcano gives a strong presence.
Megalochori: Meeting point at the upper entrance of the village below the Glebe, together we will transform the paved paths of this traditional settlement in modern musical paths. The complex Namaste, will lead us music from the entrance of the village until the village square, traveling us with their contemporary music, at other times pareistikis serenade.
On 9.00m.m. in the parking lot below the Glebe, to the square of Megalochori.
Emporio: epic sounds will echo one of the only remaining castles of the island, sounds will travel us thousands of years back in the history of our island and musical influences and invasions. A unique combination in a unique spot on earth, in the castle of Commerce, two special musicians travelers, Spyros Pan and Yannis Pantazis familiar with the characteristic sound of the bagpipe.
On 10.45m.m. the castle of Emporio.

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Fira: The three-day trip ends with combined activity on the entire range of the volcano, from Nea Kameni, the enactment of volcanic eruption, until the caldera of Fira with cultural events that will occur in front of the Cathedral.
At 6.00pm the “hunting Band» opened the curtain of modern tradition.
At 7.00pm the baton gets the Vassalos with his children.
At 8.00 pm Spyros Pan leads to the international sounds of the sunset.
On 8.40m.m. the “international” a native of Santorini Joanna Karamolegou, brings with her vocal abilities another angle in the colors of the sky and stimulate the senses, so with her to live to the maximum virtual volcanic eruption.
On 9.30m.m. John Pantazis and friends of Namaste undertake after the peak of volcanic activity, the climax of musical experience and completion of this three-day trip.